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Natural Gas Measurement Consulting

Stark & Associates, Inc. provides support to gas producers, gas gatherers, gas processors, gas pipeline companies, gas distributors, plants, factories, and equipment designers.

Some of the services we provide include...  

• Measurement auditing (office and field)
• EFM performance verification
• Flow calculation review, testing, and verification
• L&U issues resolution
• Equipment design review
• Measurement training classes
• Measurement practices and procedures
• Measurement problem resolution
• Flow testing & calibration management (all meter types)
• Measurement manual development
• Fuel measurement studies
• EFM/EGM problem solving
• Measurement innovations
• Standards/procedures development

What makes us different?

Our goal is to provide technically sound, unbiased, and consistently high-quality support and services for our clients.

Stark & Associates, Inc...

• Does not represent any manufacturer, vendor, service company, software provider, or testing laboratory.
• Strives to help clients avoid litigation through technical solutions.
• Enjoys long-standing professional relationships with the best flow measurement experts in the world.

Natural Gas Measurement Consulting - Stark & Associates, Inc.